A Humbler Mankind

A Humbler Mankind

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Humility is the keystone of this coming age. In this beautifully crafted volume of verse, David O’ Brien shatters the false myth of ‘Male Dominance’, and evokes the ‘individual’ to look within the self, to the place where Harmony, Peace and the ‘Unity of Man and Woman’ are to be found. He gives us tools for the mind and an intensity of emotive power to help us forge our way through the darkness and into the light of victory for the new ‘Human Epoch’.

David leaves no room for doubt in this volume that ‘Fear is not an Option’. Here is a man who has expressed his search for love, thrilling us with insight into the human psyche. He levels us with his hopeful dance, born of doom, giving cause, where once there was only effect. Here is a man who has found love, a man who has found himself.

From the positive power of ‘A Solidarity for Toys’, to the mutiny and anarchy of ‘Ode to a Poet’, David has done justice to the blood that has been shed for our democratic right to speak out. Our forefathers who made this freedom possible will smile upon you too as you read these verses.

The Poets and Artists have always been the individuals in society whose ‘Spirit for Truth’ has been irrepressible. They are those who skirt the edges of understanding, where words are almost redundant, saying volumes in a word, a sentence, a single verse. With his work David has inspired hundreds of poets and writers to take the journey within, fearlessly.

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