Anti-Bullying Policy #ChildrenMatters #Leak2

The Child Protection Party supports the implementation of Australia’s international obligations to work toward an inclusive society that values all people regardless of intellectual ability, sexual orientation or physical ability. To this end we believe that:

  1. Schools should provide a safe and nurturing environment, free of discrimination and bullying as outlined in the Bullying. No Way! Program.
  2. Teachers should be kept up to date with law and policy to enable issues to be dealt with promptly, compassionately and professionally. Access to information and support to deal with complex issues should be readily available to eliminate the use of harsh measures such as restraint.
  3. The rights of children with a disability need to be a central feature of all policies.
  4. At the core of inclusive school culture should be the avoidance of using language that constructs identity such as “he is ADHD” or “she is autistic”. We suggest that teachers and students be fully aware that such language informs perceptions and serves to marginalise individuals.
  5. A lack of immediate consequence has influenced the widespread use of online bullying with alarming consequences. We support cyberbullying educative processes within both primary and secondary schools.
  6. Appropriate to age program should be part of the education system to enhance the wellbeing of all children regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation (heterosexual and LGBTQ), race etc

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