Avery Hilditch - Party Secretary

Avery joined the UK Royal Air Force on leaving school in 1969. During his time in the air force he obtained a Masters in English in 1976. He left the air force in 1981 but continued to work in the Defence industry until he emigrated to Australia in 1989. He soon obtained work, again in Defence, and remained in that role until retiring in 2017.

In early 2016, he learned the story of Ebony Napier-Tucker, a 4 month old baby who was murdered in the most horrific circumstances. He was outraged by the sentence handed down to her murderer, the father, and even more outraged when he learned that her death was entirely preventable. Her killer had convictions for child abuse in New South Wales but these convictions were unknown to Families SA (now the Department of Child Protection) when they were called to the hospital when Ebony was brought there by the parents with a broken femur. As an expert in the computer field and with a background in database technology, he could not understand why there was no national database listing all persons with a child abuse conviction and that was accessible from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Avery created a petition demanding such a database be established and, while promoting the petition, was introduced to Nadia Bergineti, at that time the Secretary of the Child Protection Party. He was soon convinced of the need for such a Party and joined in March 2016.

In his time at the Party, he developed the website and has done much research that has helped to inform our policies. He took over the role of Membership Secretary and, building on the work of others (particularly Nadia Bergineti), built up our membership to the position that we were able to register the Party in South Australian in November 2017 and then to register as a Federal party in 2019. Avery has experience in political campaigns having worked on campaigns in the UK. That experience helped us achieve over 16000 first preference votes in the SA state election in 2018 when he worked as the Party campaign manager. Avery has taken over the role of Party Secretary when Nadia Bergineti stepped down from that role in 2019.