Carer Voting on Inquiry Report Recommendations

Carers have asked us to provide a response to Government with the Carer feedback regarding the Independent Inquiry into Foster and Kinship Care Report Recommendations.

Here is the Easy cut and paste Carers have asked for! Letters to Members of Parliament ready to go with a few EASY STEPS

  • Open this document or download and print the PDF version..
  • Put your name on page 15 in place of "name"
  • Use email icon (square with an arrow in the middle pointing up) for transporting document into an email
  • Copy and paste 3 email addresses in the "To: 
  • Copy and paste 6 email address below in the "Cc"
  • Copy and paste "Subject" line:

Feedback on Independent Inquiry into Foster and Kinship Care Report Recommendations and CYPS Act Legislative Review

  • Copy and paste the following message
Dear Minister, Premier and CFKC 
Carers need to have their voices heard that the Independent Inquiry into Foster and Kinship Care Report (Inquiry Report)
Recommendations do not meet Carer's expectations for meaningful change.
Please see attached documents (Microsoft Word or PDF)  providing feedback on the Inquiry Report Recommendations.
The Legislative Review of the Children and Young People (Safety) Act closed feedback on 11 November 2022. The CYPS Act Legislative Review Report has now been provided to the Minister (by DCP) to be tabled in Parliament this month. Unfortunately the feedback closed more than a month before carers even received the Inquiry Report (15 December 2022). Carers state it is not OK to proceed with the drafting of new legislation when their voices have not been heard.
  • Put your name at the end of the email message
  • Hit SEND button!
  • Copy and paste this post to friends and family to do the same!