Child Protection Rewards Scheme

We have a website where you can shop online and, at the same time at no extra cost to you, financially support the Child Protection Party.

Membership is free, registration is simple.  There are 100s of online stores with more being frequently added to the list. 

With CP Rewards, you buy all sorts of things from clothing to your weekly groceries, to airline tickets and holidays. The range of stores is HUGE.

When you buy through CP Rewards. 2% of your total spend is donated to the Party. The 2% is not added to your bill. It is taken from the profit the store makes on your purchase.

You will have to create an account with CP Rewards which you can do using your name and email address or via Facebook.

You may have to create accounts on the shopping site.

Doing my grocery shopping this way saves me, on average $70/week since I am not impulse buying.


Sign up here