Code of Conduct

1.        Preamble

This Code of Conduct is intended to ensure that all participants in public debate when representing the Child Protection Party, including engaging on the social media platforms, are professional in appearance and behaviour.

All those who wish to act or speak on behalf of the Party in any way must agree with and adhere to this Code of Conduct. Failure to adhere to this Code of Conduct may result in you not being asked to take act or speak on our behalf.

2.        Rationale

The Child Protection Party is a political party founded with the aim of effecting change in the child protection system throughout Australia. In order for the Party and its views to be taken seriously, we must have well researched, well written policies and regularly review, revisit and engage these policies. This is to provide education to the public and provide invitation and opportunities for robust and meaningful discussion to take place.

Whenever we appear in public acting on behalf of the Party, it is essential that we not only look professional but also act that way. This includes the way we dress, our behaviour, the way we speak and the words we use which reflect and contribute to our professionalism. No matter how admirable  a person thinks the aims of the Party are,  and no matter how much they agree with our policies, unprofessional behaviour can and will turn people away from the Party.

If we are unable to engage and mobilise interest in the Party, we will have little chance of growing the Party or expect success at an election. If we fail to get a representative into Parliament, there will be no opportunity for the Child Protection Party to instil meaningful change in the child protection systems across the nation.

3.        Use of Party Software and Equipment
  • Any equipment – e.g. PC, laptop, mobile phone etc. - or software – e.g. MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook etc. – is only to be used for Party business.
  • Private use is not permitted for any reason.
  • Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action that may result in the removal of authorisation to use such equipment of software.
  • Extreme cases of misuse, such as posting posting pornographic images, may result in expulsion from the Party.
4.        Creating Accounts with External Organisations
  • No member shall create an account with any external organisation without prior approval from the Executive.
  • Any such authorised accounts must be created using the email address provided by the Party.
  • The purpose of the account, login details (including password) must be recorded in the Login data file in SharePoint.
  • The password must not be changed without prior authorisation from the Executive.
  • Accounts created with external organisations, e.g. VistaPrint, must not be used for private purposes. 
5.        Dress and Appearance
  • You must dress appropriately. If you have Party t-shirts or polo shirts, wear them.
  • Avoid t-shirts and polo shirts that have a slogans or photos (unless that slogan or logo is relevant to child protection).
  • Ensure the clothing is clean and pressed.
  • Ideally, the Party leadership should wear a plain shirt or blouse or a Party shirt.
  • Ensure your hair is tidy.
  • Do not adjust your clothing when appearing in public.
  • Turn off or mute your mobile phone when in a meeting.
6.        Speech and Writing
  • Treat other speakers with courtesy and dignity.
  • Do speak clearly.
  • Do not swear.
  • Do not interrupt another speaker.
  • If you have been asked to comment on something someone has said, no matter what the person has said and no matter how rude that person may have been, under no circumstances should that person be attacked. Address their comment and not the person themselves.
  • Do not make fun of or insult anyone with whom you are interacting.