1. Preamble

On occasion, allegations of misconduct or unprofessional behaviour may be made against members of the Party leadership. All such allegations will be assessed and a decision made about whether or not an investigation is required. If an investigation is deemed necessary,  it must be investigated as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is only right that

  • the accused must be made aware of the allegation and who made it,
  • the accused must be given every opportunity to respond to the allegations,
  • the allegations must be investigated by senior Party leaders,
  • if the allegations are considered serious enough:
    • the accused person’s permissions to speak on behalf of the Party must be suspended until such time as the allegations have been proved or disproved,
    • the accused and the accuser must be advised that those privileges have been suspended,
  • the investigation must be impartial,
  • the allegation should not be made public,
  • the accused must be made aware of this Complaints Procedure,

2. Penalties

If an allegation is upheld, depending upon the seriousness of the allegations, one or more of the following penalties may be applied:

  • social media posting privileges removed,
  • speaking at public engagements will be banned,
  • the letter of authorisation to act on behalf of the Party may be removed,
  • the accused may be banned from taking part in any team activities,
  • the accused may be expelled from the Party.

3. Procedure

Upon receipt on an allegation, the following procedure shall apply:

  • advise the leadership of the allegations,
  • the Party leader shall appoint 1 or more people to investigate the allegations,
  • as part of the investigation, the accused’s use of Party equipment and software may be scrutinised,
  • advise the accused, in writing, of the allegations made including the name of the accuser and that speaking privileges have been suspended until resolution at which time they may be reinstated,
  • suspend the accused person’s speaking privileges,
  • provide the accused with a copy of this procedure,
  • advise the accuser that
    • the allegations are being investigated,
    • the accused person’s speaking privileges have been suspended until resolution of the investigation,
    • that the investigation will be completed as quickly as is reasonably possible, and
    • that penalties may be applied if the allegation is substantiated.
  • if the accusation is upheld, appropriate penalties must be applied,
    • advise both the accused and accuser of the outcome,
    • advise the accused of the penalty being applied,
    • advise the accused of their right to appeal against the decision,
    • permanently remove or partially reinstate the privileges to speak on behalf of the .
  • if the accusation is not upheld:
    • advise the accused that their refutation of the allegations has been accepted by the Party,
    • advise the accuser the reasons their allegations have not been accepted,
  • restore the privileges to speak on behalf of the Party,