Disability Policy #ChildrenMatter #Leaks9

The Child Protection Party is committed to social inclusion and access to the benefits of our first world country for all Australians. We suggest that the 18% of South Australians living with a disability should have:
  1. Opportunity to participate in the formulation of policies for disability services and funding, coupled with choice and flexibility in service providers.
  2. Access to regular and reliable transport services with ‘accessible to all’ buses and trains, and audio devices for vision impaired passengers.
  3. Appropriate mobility aids that are ‘fit for purpose’ such as modified wheelchairs for poorly constructed surfaces and rough dirt tracks in remote areas.
  4. Equivalent opportunity in employment, education and training with a focus on potential and ability rather than disability.
  5. Opportunity to complete exams and assessments with appropriate well researched adjustments to optimise outcomes.
  6. Protection against discrimination and exploitation and access to legal representation as needed.
  7. Acknowledgement of their valuable contribution to society, and public awareness programs to encourage better understanding of the diverse range of visible and non visible disabilities.

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