How do you become a member?

To become a member:

  • you must be at least 17 years old, If you are 17, you will be registered as an Associate Member until your 18th birthday when your membership will be upgraded to Full Member;
  • an Australian resident, preferably enrolled to vote because, if you are not enrolled, we cannot use your membership to register the Party, and
  • preferably, you will not be a member of another political Party. If you are, we will not be able to use your membership for registration purposes so you will be granted Associate Membership. Associate members have the same rights as Full Members.

What happens when you submit your application?

  • you are agreeing that your details will be added to our contact list;
  • you are agreeing to be added to our newsletter mailing list;
  • you are acknowledging that, where required by legislation, we will pass your details to the electoral commission in your state, and
  • you are agreeing that we may pass your details on to our state team leaders;

What does the Party do when we receive your application?

  • we check that form has been completed correctly;
  • if you are enrolled to vote, we check your enrolment on the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) website;
    • sometimes we are unable to verify your enrolment. This could be because:
      • you have not provided your full name;
      • your last name has changed due to marriage or divorce;
      • you are enrolled at a previous address;
      • you are a silent voter, or
      • a combination of the above.
    • if we are unable to verify your enrolment, we will email you advising that we have been unable to verify you on the AEC website so it is important that you check your email.
    • If we can verify your enrolment:
      • your details are entered into our record keeping system;
      • you are entered into our contact list;
      • you are entered into our newsletter mailing list, and
      • an email is sent to you confirming that your application has been successful.
    • If you have indicated that you would like to play an active role in the Party, we will email you the details of our requirements for someone to join our team.
    • In all cases, a receipt for your membership fee will be emailed to you.