Membership Application

Be the change - Join the Child Protection Party

Image courtesy of Peter Lomax

The Child Protection Party offers a variety of methods to pay your membership fee:

  • Credit Card
  • Cheque
  • Direct Bank Deposit
  • PayPal
  • Money Order

Free Membership Offer.

If you join before 31st May 2021, membership is completely free. Select "Free" from the Payment Method field at the bottom of the form below. Although you will see a section asking for credit card details, here is no need to enter your details.



  1. You are applying to become a member of the Child Protection Party.
  2. You are declaring that you are enrolled on the Commonwealth electoral roll at the address you have entered on the form.
  3. You agree to have your name added to our Contacts list.
  4. You agree to have your name added to our Newsletter mailing list. Your details will not be divulged to anyone. They remain private to the Party Executive and State Team Members.
  5. A SILENT voter is a person whose name is hidden from public scrutiny in the electoral roll, usually as a means of protecting that person's address.


We have 4 levels of membership as follows:

    • Bronze.    $12/year payable annually.
    • Silver.       $30/year payable annually.
    • Gold.        $55/year payable annually
    • Platinum.  $80/ year payable annually

Please note that, in the event you leave the Party, fees are not refundable.

All members have the right to:

    • contribute to policy formation,
    • nominate for a position on a state committee,
    • nominate for candidacy in your state/territory elections or at a Federal election,
    • attend Party fundraising and other events, 
    • meet with Party leaders