Nadia Bergineti - Board Member

Nadia obtained a Bachelor of Psychological Science in 2010 and commenced volunteering with organisations as a mentor for vulnerable children and teenagers and support worker for disadvantaged families. After about a year she gained employment in a primary school as a Chaplain.

It was here whilst working with her students that she became disillusioned with the child protection system who were not supporting children who were experiencing incredible neglect and abuse within their homes. After two years she began her endeavour to find a way to change things for children politically as the current politicians and the department in charge of children's safety did not appear to be putting children's safety first.

It was whilst reading the Adelaide Advertiser one Saturday morning that she discovered that Tony Tonkin had founded the Child Protection Party and she saw it as a sign to get involved.

Through her time at the Party she has discovered that supporting families where possible and giving the opportunity for children to express their views is something that is often lacking but is also something that could make an incredible positive difference for children's lives. She was Secretary of the Party for over 3 years but has stepped down from that role in order to focus on a more active role in assisting families and children in need.

Nadia is currently studying a Masters of Social Work at the University of South Australia and hopes it will give her a more in-depth insight into the challenges faced by the workers, families and children.