Here at the Child Protection Party, we take policy development very seriously. It is imperative that we get this right in order for the Party to facilitate the change in legislation that is desperately required.

Our policies are continuously reviewed and updated after extensive research is conducted in order to create the policies in the first instance. We are engaging in consultation with Indigenous lead and run organisations in order to make sure that our policies are culturally safe and appropriate for all Indigenous Australians.

We are using a Human Rights approach and, through the lens of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, we will make certain that our policies absolutely have the best interests of the child at their very centre.

This journey is not easy and will take time and commitment. We currently have draft policies in place whilst the extra research and consultation is taking place in order to make sure that the best possible outcomes are created for all children in Australia, through our policy development. Thus giving us the essential backing required to make our presence in Government, when achieved, as productive and positive as possible.

If you would like to comment on our policies, you can do so on the policy pages.

If you would like to suggest a policy, please use the form below. These suggestions are sent via email to our policy team