Political Submissions

Political Donations
The Child Protection Party often gets requests from the Federal and state parliaments to prepare a submission on a Bill currently going through the parliament.
We have our opinions on changes that proposed legislation and we are sure you do too.
If you would like to comment on a Bill for which we are preparing a submission, you can do so by selecting a bill from the Projects menu.
We will endeavour to place active submissions at the top of the menu to make them easier to find.
If you see a comments form, the submission is still under preparation so you can submit your comments. If there is no comment form, the submission process has closed.
When we prepare a submission we like to include comments from the public as an appendix to the submission. Note that we do not put names or addresses when we enter your comments. 
If you wish to remain anonymous, enter a pseudonym.
Email addresses are not displayed on the comments page. They remain private to the Child Protection Party. We only ask that you provide an email address so that we can contact you for clarification if we need to. If you don't want to provide your email address, enter something like none@none.com