Respect, Empathy and Leave

The purpose of the REaLprogram (Respect, Empathy and Leave) is to provide you with the opportunity to record the behaviours of workers where you believe you have been treated disrespectfully, without empathy and were not listened to.

By filling out the attached form and having it sent to the Department Minister will mean that all behaviours which you believe are disrespectful will be identified. If enough parents fill out this document it may prompt change. We appreciate your participation in this program.

For this to be effective you have to be specific about their behaviours, things they do and say.

The form is fillable online using a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet or your mobile phone.

You do not have to enter your contact details but, since the minister may want to contact for more information, you can choose to do so. It's entirely up to you.

The topic you discussed with the social worker and the behaviours displayed by the social worker have been set up to allow you to format the text. This means that you can enter bold text, italics, dot points etc.

Space is restricted so you need to be concise..

Watch the video to learn more about the program and then select the form relevant to your state or territory from the table below the video.

If you live in New South Wales, the government do not provide an email address for their child protection minister. However, a link to an online form provided by that government is provided for you here.


NOTE: These forms work best if you download them first. 

 Australian Capital Territory

 Letter to ACT Minister

New South Wales

 Online form provided by NSW Government

On the form provided by the NSW Government, you do have the option of uploading a file. You can, if you wish, open the letter the Child Protection Party has created and fill out that form then save it and upload on the NSW Government's form. 

Download and save Letter to NSW Minister

Northern Territory

Letter to NT Minister


Letter to QLD Minister

South Australia

Letters to SA Minister


Letter to TAS Minister


Letter to VIC Minister

Western Australia

Letter to WA Minister


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