Recommendations of the Independent Inquiry into Foster and Kinship Care

Following The Carer Project contacting John Darley in 2021 about the abuse of power by DCP, John Darley introduced the Independent Inquiry into Foster and Kinship Care bill which became law in December 2022.

The Inquiry was conducted by Dr Fiona Arney (who was selected by Fiona Ward, Deputy CE at DCP). Carers are dissatisfied with Dr Arney’s Report Recommendations that was 6 months late and was provided to us in December 2022.

While John Darley is no longer in parliament, he and his former Advisor Ted Lee are strong supporters of children in care. 

Many people do not believe Dr Arney’s Report Recommendations would not make meaningful changes for children in care.

Mr Darley and Mr Lee wrote a submission we are referring to as the “Darley Response”. This response details a complete structural change to DCP that provides checks and balances that are independent of DCP.


These legislative changes would make a huge difference to your listeners who want to deconstruct the stranglehold DCP has on power.


we hope that you will get behind this campaign and email and share the campaign with others concerned about children in care!

What You Can Do

  1. Copy this letter (PDF) or this Microsoft Word version on your computer, You can make changes to the Microsoft Word letter, delete sections, add you own comments etc.
  2. Put your name at the end of the letter
  3. Copy the "Darley Response” on to your computer
  4. Ensure each letter is emailed separately and personalized to each of the individuals we are recommending and many more!!
  5. Ensure that you have included John Darley's Submission (Response) before sending.
  6. Send to all of these people and all of your friends, family, support net works etc.

You can’t send this to too many people! Please share!

  1. Hon Katrine Hildyard, Minister for Child Protection
  2. Premier
  3. Damien Walker(Premier & Cabinet Chief of Staff)
  4. Hon Kyam Maher, Attorney General Attorney-General'
  5. Hon Susan Close, Deputy Premier -
  6. Hon Dan Creagan, Speaker-
  7. Hon Tammy
  8. Hon Sarah Game MP-
  9. Governor of South Australia
  10. Hon Frances Adamson AC
  11. Your local MP
  12. Any media contact that you have.
  13. The Advertiser
  14. InDaily