Samantha Haarsma - SA Team Member

Samantha Haarsma - SA Team Member

I’m 26 and a mum of a beautiful 8 year old girl named Izzabella. I’m hoping to get married in the next couple of years to my partner, Izzabella’s father. I grew up in Mount Gambier and have lived here all my life.

I play netball throughout the winter and enjoy yoga classes in my spare time. I have a strong interest in:

  • Mental health in vulnerable populations and what the public sector does and doesn’t do to support people with their
  • Mental health despite their socio-economic background.
  • I’m fascinated by child development, particularly brain development in the first 3 years. I hope in the future to study
  • Psychology particularly in children and young people.  

I believe that I share the same views as the CPP. I have had personal experience in dealing with the child protection system and through research and community connections know that there must be a better way to run the child protection departments. I believe that the system exploits vulnerable children and families and that policy change is necessary to stop this from continuing.  The social injustice in the system is very frightening to say the least.

I hope to be able to publicly speak about the issues surrounding the current child protection system and provide a voice for my local and state community. These issues are to often swept under the carpet and not exposed due to the power imbalance between government officials and civilians.

I hope to assist in community seminars, raising awareness and skill building myself to serve the public in a way that will make a genuine impact to make sustainable change.

Since joining the team I have started working on a study comparing the constraints of service provision in metropolitan and regional locations. If you would like to share your opinions and experiences, you can email your story to