Social Worker Behaviour Patterns


Social workers display all sorts of behaviour patterns, Some are very good, some are average and some demonstrate atrocious behaviour patterns.

Social workers should have the best interests of their clients as their priority. They should not be working to appease the child protection department.

Helpful Social Workers

Social workers who consistently demonstrate good behaviour patterns towards their clients deserve to be recognised, applauded and held up as an example to other social workers of how to properly perform their duties.

Unhelpful Social Workers

Social workers who consistently demonstrate unhelpful behaviours unethical and unprofessional and are antithetical to ethical social work practice.

Instead, they should be held to account, made to attend behaviour modification classes, subjected to proper supervision and their work and behaviours monitored. Social workers who consistently fail to demonstrate good behaviour patterns should be subject to disciplinary procedures up to and including dismissal from their positions.

Our Project

The Child Protection Party wants to collect your stories about your interactions with social workers, helpful or unhelpful.

Should we collect a number of stories identifying unhelpful behaviour from a particular social worker, we shall be writing to their department to report the unhelpful behaviours and demand that action be taken to correct those behaviours.

Should that fail, we can write to the minister responsible for the department and/or the media. 


  • Although we ask you for your name, phone number and email address, these fields are all optional. 
  • This form is not for generic complaints against the child protection department in your state or territory. Any reports we receive of that nature will simply be discarded.
  • In the form below, you can choose whether you are reporting helpful or unhelpful behaviours and a list of behaviours we have identified will be displayed. You can select as many of those as necessary.
  • If you have copies of electronic letters, emails etc showing those unhelpful behaviours, you can upload them. A maximum of 20 files can be uploaded.


  • Please note that your personal details remain confidential to the Child Protection Party and will not be divulged to anyone outside of the Party Executive.