Teach Your Kids to Be Better Versions of Themselves Through Self-Care

Teach Your Kids to Be Better Versions of Themselves Through Self-Care

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Teach Your Kids to Be Better Versions of Themselves Through Self-Care

Self-care is something that should be practiced as early as possible. In fact, it is a necessary practice even in the childhood years for kids to feel better on the whole. So, if your kids aren't already into practicing this essential habit, here's how to encourage them to do so, courtesy of The Child Protection Party 

Teach them the value of downtime, and make home a stress-free zone

As adults, it can be difficult to take a step back from the busyness of life to make time for ourselves. However, it's vital to lead by example in this respect and show them how important it is to take that downtime for themselves, even at a young age, so that they can function better on the whole. Moreover, it's about altering the pre-conceived notion that being busy all the time is everything in life. Rather, Timetastic notes that it's about showing them it's alright to take a moment to do nothing at all but just be in the moment to appreciate the beautiful simplicities of life.

Much of this downtime will take place at home, so take steps to make your living space a healthy, peaceful environment. A few simple steps can get you there. Start by decluttering, bringing in houseplants, adding an oil diffuser, and having enough light.

Prioritize time with them to develop better everyday habits

Here, it's vital that we teach our kids the importance of what it means to manage their days better on their own, without being told what to do throughout the day. Once a child learns to master their everyday habits better, they will naturally become more confident in their abilities and capabilities to eventually become more independent and more self-sufficient - something which is a key life skill to learn as they grow older.

Another way you can contribute to your children's self-care is finding ways to prioritize your children, especially during busy seasons. Having a plan of attack will ensure your children have quality time with you, and you won't feel as much pressure. This can include being available for bedtime every night, having your children help with simple chores while you're working in the kitchen, and planning some new experiences together so you have something to look forward to.

Validate their feelings

If you want your kids to be more open about their feelings, then it's vital that we make every effort to validate their thoughts and emotions so that they feel heard and understood. As The Little Dreamers Nursery points out, learning good communication skills is also a skill that kids can carry with them as they grow up, as this will assist them in social settings, helping them to build relationships with others as well. From a confidence-building perspective, being able to communicate fluently can also help to boost their self-esteem.

Motivate their creativity

Kids are naturally creative and inquisitive. And it is precisely this wide-eyed wonder that we should encourage, especially when they are young so that they never lose that ability to see life from a fresh perspective. Therefore, try to keep screen time to a minimum and encourage them to instead think of ways to be creative and resourceful with the things they already have at their disposal.

Enjoy the outdoors

Certainly, being outdoors has numerous benefits for your child's physical and mental wellbeing. But suppose your backyard is looking a little lackluster these days. Then you might want to look up a landscaper to give your lawn the attention it deserves. Furthermore, they should even go that extra mile to de-weed, dethatch and fertilize your soil so that it looks as healthy as can be. Be sure to check that they have the credentials and insurance to back up what they claim to do, with referrals that support their claims even further.

Model the behavior you wish to see

As a parent, your child will be looking to you to see if you are doing what's best for you, too. And if you aren't taking good care of yourself and are experiencing burnout, your kids will feel the effects thereof. This could end up backfiring your best efforts to teach your child to prioritize themselves first. So, if you are feeling overloaded with responsibilities then you should try to lessen the stress that comes with that by delegating some of your duties, managing the bulk of your workload in the morning, and limiting distractions so that you can be your most productive in a day.

Indeed, teaching your child the value of self-care is something that will not only help them in the here and now, but will be something they can carry with them for many years to come. Remember to encourage downtime, make your home a peaceful place, prioritize time with them, and model positive behavior.