Timothy Holt - Communication Director

Timothy Holt, founder of GTSMART, has appeared on Channel 7 Today Tonight a number of times to discuss his inventions in the world wide web markets in 2000. He has 19 year’s experience in Research & Development based upon the following:

Governments, Businesses, Residential, Law, Finance, Digital, Voice, Data, IP, Satellite, Wireless, Retail, Wholesale, Direct Sales, Management systems, Account Management, Marketing –Media, Manufacturing, Intelligence systems, Contact Centres and IT companies around the globe.

Timothy has extensive experience in scaling up businesses, all over the world!

Removing Distance Barriers with the world's most advanced, Global Virtual Network Operating Systems, Pioneers of the Virtual Network Operator (VNO) industries, he has the freedom to provide clients with the optimum global network solution. Available in over 200 countries and territories, clients can achieve maximum network choice and flexibility, lowest lifetime cost, and a dedicated focus on the highest quality of service. he allows clients to communicate across wide geographical areas quickly, reliably, efficiently and securely.

Timothy's number one priority is to turn Cost 2 PROFIT with huge return on investment, He not only interconnects existing infrastructures, it empowers 3rd world countries to connect to next generation Global IP Protocols and Policies, just by a simple meeting with his ADVISOR online &or Face 2 Face.

Timothy Next Generation Communication Specialised Groups is dedicated to offering the most appropriate end-2-end tailored solutions for any communication users, whether in Australia or across the globe.

Timothy Industries guarantees to interconnect every communication barrier (s) and enable all organisations, whatever their size, to benefit from Next Generation products, services and devices that decrease time, costs and increase profits through a wide variety of OneSTOP Factory, 1-service, 1-supplier, 1-call, 1- file, 1-sms, 1-click, 1-touch, 1-button, 1-screen, 1-step, 1-payment” solutions that is simple, easy and valued by all individuals, businesses, enterprises and governments, globally.

Timothy loves football and car racing.