Toni Grange - Queensland Team Leader

Toni Grange, Child Protection Party Queensland Team Leader

I work for the Child Protection Party as the team leader in Queensland.

I also freelance as a Child, Human and Animal Rights Activist by submitting submissions to Parliament, letters to Ministers, Senators and the media regarding various societal issues. I also provide advocacy and input to various Facebook groups.

I have two degrees; BA and BSc comprising of double majors in both Psychology and Sociology, major in Biology and a couple of Law units.  I am a single parent raising two teenage daughters.

I was previously employed at the Department of Health in Canberra as a Data and Policy Analyst and at the Australian Bureau of Statistics as a survey developer, methodologist and researcher.

I am a member of Steampunk Affaires QLD. We meet once each month, on special occasions and dress Steampunk style.

I am an amateur photographer, photograph Steampunk gatherings, events and  daughter’s concert events.  I plan to commence online certificate studies in photography, forensics and criminology. I hope I can break into photography especially portrait, wedding, family and community events.