Tony Tonkin - President

Tony Tonkin is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and has been in the full time Private Practice for nine years.

Tony became interested in counselling when he was a volunteer counsellor for Lifeline where he worked for six years. Tony has been a practicing qualified Accredited Mental Health Social Worker for twenty years. He began his professional career as a counsellor with the Breakeven Gambling Rehabilitation Program. While at Lifeline Tony was a founding member of the Confronting Violence and Abuse Group (CVAG) which provided a team of group facilitators to work with men who have been violent and abusive.

This work continued for ten years in which Tony discovered innovative and effective ways of working with men. These methodologies have flowed into other aspects of his work.

Tony also worked as a facilitator with the Northern Violence and Intervention Program. For ten years Tony has presented the “What to do about anger” program at Relationships Australia. Tony has written many programs including, Moving On from Separation and Divorce, Step-parenting, Raising Boys, How to Handle Anxiety and Stress, the Game Perspective, Workplace Bullying and many more.

Tony has a strong commitment to social justice which means that much of his private practice focuses on working with the most disempowered people in the community. Tony is committed to finding different ways of working which improve understandings and gives meaning to people’s lives. He has had an article published in the AASW Social Work Journal entitled, “The Reverse Role Play – An innovative way to work with violent men”.

Tony has worked as a contractor for Employee Assistant Programs for 15 years. He was a presenter in one of the largest organizational change programs ever undertaken in Australia.

Tony is the founder of the Child Protection Party.


The Child Protection Party came about due to his commitment to working with families who have had their children removed.