Values, Vision and Mission

Our Values

Child Protection Party Values

Accountability: The Child Protection Party believes that accountability in all decision making in regards to matters affecting families is paramount. When your decision making can have either a negative or positive impact on the outcomes for children and families, everybody involved, including the Child Protection Party need to be held accountable for these outcomes.

Authenticity: When dealing with matters that have an impact on the futures of children and families, transparency, empathy and honesty are fundamental to good practice. Building a trusting relationship with you all and being available for open debate around policy development and the direction of the party is a key component of our commitment to working together to create positive change.

Equality & Diversity: Equality does not mean that everybody has access to the same resources, equality is every person having access to personally tailored and appropriate resources for them to achieve the best outcomes possible. The Child Protection Party does not discriminate against anybody on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, different abilities, sexual orientation etc. and promotes equality in all our policies.    

Integrity:  The Child Protection Party is continually reviewing its policies to ensure that we are extremely transparent in our purpose. When creating policies we will align each policy with our values, vision and mission. For example: the Party will only develop policy for Indigenous families with significant input from Indigenous people.

Our Vision

Child Protection Party Vision
To create a world where every child is treated fairly and with respect, a world where the rights of the children are consistently upheld and access to appropriate resources are easily accessible, establishing an environment that gives all children the greatest possible chance of success in their lives.

Our Mission

Child Protection Party Mission
The Child Protection Party is an Australian political party whose aim is to correct the deficiencies in the legislation affecting families. We are focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for all children and their carers.
We will achieve this by gaining elected representation, thereby enabling the Party to challenge the current systems in place.
Whilst working towards securing representation we will continue petitioning and lobbying for change by introducing new legislation aligned to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which upholds facilitating the right for all children to speak out and be heard. 
Empowering young people as they transition into adulthood. Promoting the rights of all children is at the forefront of future decision making.