Why Should You Join the Child Protection Party?


We have all heard about kids dying in the care of the child protection services, about kids being taken into care on a first report, about how difficult it can be for caregivers to get their kids back despite doing all they can to meet the requirements imposed by the child protection services and we all know that decisions made by the child protection services rarely achieve the best outcomes for families and children.

It is my opinion that many of the measures taken by child protection services are band aid measures doing little to further the interests of children.

It is also my opinion that the child protection services are REactive when they could – and should -  be PROactive.

The Child Protection Party is the ONLY registered political party in Australia that has a focus on children. We are the only party who believes that the impact on our children of any proposed legislation should take into account how it might affect our children.

Do we really need to spend around $18 billion buying 58 new fighter jets?

Do we really need to spend $50 billion buying 12 new submarines?

Can we not, instead, buy less expensive aircraft and 6 submarines and spend the cost difference in other ways? Investing in schools, hospitals and child protection for example.

Do we really need to spend billions of dollars on new inland railways when most Australians travel by air?

Do our politicians really need the very generous allowances they get? The $288 per day travel allowance for each day spent in Canberra which they get on top of their already very generous salary? Do they really need a 6-figure pension for life? Do they really need a Gold Pass for the rest of their life after they retire or lose their seat in Parliament? These are just some of the allowances.

(Bear in mind that 2 days travel allowance is approximately equal to the weekly Newstart allowance or a fortnight’s Disability Support Pension.)

Maybe these allowances are justified but how would we, the taxpayers, know that? There is a gross lack of transparency in government.

Transparency is something that is lacking in the child protection systems. That is not to say that the entirety of the child protection systems should be transparent. We, the public, don’t necessarily need to know the names and addresses of families and children going through the system but, in my opinion, we certainly have a right to know the processes that the child protection departments use in decision making.

Equitable outcomes are often lacking in child protection cases. An equitable outcome is characterised by being reasonable, just, right and fair. All too often that is simply not the case.

Fairness in outcomes is often lacking. An outcome is fair if it is free from bias, is honest, is free from injustice and properly achieved under the rules. How often do those going through the system believe the outcome to be fair?

This is not meant as a criticism of the workers at the coal face interacting with families and children. Most are dedicated people who genuinely want to help families and children but are let down by the system they work for.

So, back to the original question:

Why should you join the Child Protection Party?

We are the only registered political party

  • that is focussed on achieving the best possible outcomes for families and children;
  • that believes that the system should be transparent, fair and equitable;
  • that has a range of policies aimed at achieving the above;
  • that believes that all social workers, particularly in the child protection arena, should be registered;
  • that believes that all proposed legislation should consider the impact upon our children;
  • that believes that early intervention allowing a proactive approach to child protection issues is key to achieving the best possible outcomes, and
  • that provides a voice for children.

There is a membership fee but it is a pittance at only $12 per year  You can pay by credit card, PayPal, money order, cheque or direct bank deposit. You will receive a receipt acknowledging payment which you should keep because membership fees for political parties are tax-deductible.

You won’t get any gifts for joining the Party and there are no special privileges. What you will get is the satisfaction of knowing that you are playing a part in the Party’s efforts to get the child protection systems changed for the better.