Beyond the Orphanage Years

Beyond the Orphanage Years

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In 2007, Ryszard Szablicki's first book, Orpahange Boy: Through the Eyes of Innocence, was published by New Holland Publishers Australia. Orphanage Boy tells the story of young Ryszard who was placed in one institution as a baby and then moved to a number of others until he was returned to his parents at age 10.

Those first ten years in the institutions left Ryszard wondering about why his parents [placed him there, about the meaning of family and friends and about how to manage intense hatred against a number of abusers. In Beyond the Orphanage Years, Ryszard explores his attempts to understand, as a young adult, these questions and how he manages to find a place for himself in the world.

Always honest, sometimes funny and often sad, Beyond the Orphanage Years is a courageously and beautifully written book about moving through a traumatic childhood into adult success.

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