Women Journeying With Spirit

Women Journeying With Spirit

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According to the philosopher Luce Irigaray, for women to 'become what we are...[means] to refuse to allow parts of ourselves to shrivel and die that has the potential for growth and fulfilment.

In this volume, we have 13 Australian women who have done just that, refused to 'shrivel and die' but, instead, have continued to grow and develop even when the desire for growth has led to them pruning off from their lives religious traditions which inhibit flourishing.

The cultural context means that each woman has encountered Christianity at some point but not all continue with that tradition. Instead, some have embraced Wicca, others have explored Goddess, Buddhism and New Thought.

Every woman's journey is a reflection of her unique spirit and yet each woman has identified the very strong threads that bind together spirituality with everyday life. Often, it is spirituality that provides the impetus for change and growth and equally often it is each woman's experience of daily life which challenges, informs and shapes her spirituality.

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